Study in The India

Study in The India

India has always been the top most destination for Higher Education for Nepalese students. Thousands of students from Nepal migrate every year in different parts of India to fulfill their dream of quality education. There are many reasons why students mostly from Nepal to visit Study in The India for further education.

For students from Nepal, pursuing higher education in India offers a plethora of opportunities for academic advancement, cultural immersion, and personal growth. With its diverse educational institutions, vibrant student community, and rich cultural heritage, India has become an increasingly popular destination for Nepalese students seeking quality education.

  • Nepal and India always had a friendly relation and has proved themselves as good neighbors’.
  • Nepal also shares its culture and religion with India.
  • Almost seven million Nepalese are either permanently settled or are employed in different parts of India.
  • Some 40,000 brave Nepali Gurkha soldiers are currently employed by the Indian Govt. to protect its borders against any foreign aggression.
  • Indian is a secular country, which means no single religion is favored and all are treated with respect and dignity. One can practice and preach his/ her religion without any fear of suppression.
  • Citizens of Nepal and India can visit each other’s country without the requirements of visa.
  • India’s recent robust economic growth has attracted many foreign companies to start in business, which ultimately created a huge demand for employment.
  • Qualified Nepalese graduates can be easily consumed in the vast Indian market.

We offer following programs in India

Study in The India

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery – 5 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences – 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication – 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology – 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Bio-Medical – 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical – 4 Years
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics – 4 Years
  • BSc/HND in Nautical Science
  • BE/HND in Marine Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration – 2 Years
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 4 Years
  • General Nursing & Midwifery – 3 ½ Years
  • Bachelor of Education – 1 Year

We represent the following college/universities:

Study in The India

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